Want to be the next Barstool Sports star? Here is your chance. Welcome to 2022 Bar Stool Sports Talent Search


As we move into 2022 and Barstool Sports continues to grow and take over the world, we want to add more talent in more places. Talents on all platforms. Talent in new cities. I mentioned years ago when Chernin Group invested in Barstool that I wanted to be the place where the funniest, most creative people want to come and work. We would then take these people and make them huge stars. Well, this is what is happening. People come to Barstool and become big stars. Alex Cooper, Million Dollars Worth of Game, Pat McAfee, Ria, Fran, Brianna Chickenfry, Chiclet guys, Caleb, Rone, PFT the list goes on and on. If you are creative and work hard, the bar stool is a real superstar making machine. We just need to find the people to make stars.

And just to give you an idea… we’re looking for creative people in all areas of the internet. See below.


Are you a content creator trying to break through and be seen or heard?

Do you make your own Youtubes?

Do you like to play?

Do you host a podcast?

Do you do TikToks?

Have you developed a Twitter account?

Can you edit awesome videos?

Are you trying to get Barstool into the metaverse, anything?

You get the idea… Come up with your best ideas, videos and links to show what you can do. If you’re funny or talented enough, we’ll hire you. People always tell us it would be great to work here, well now is your chance to prove it. We want guys and girls.



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