Volunteers search for missing animals after the Marshall fire

LOUISVILLE, Colo. (KDVR) – We know two people are still missing and how many homes have been completely lost and damaged, but there are dozens and dozens of pets missing as a result of the Marshall fire and there is a huge volunteer effort to find them.

If you go to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley website, you’ll see an endless scroll of extinct animals.

We have counted around 36 dogs currently missing and even more cats, many in areas affected by the fires.

Many people trying to help are taking to social media to help reunite the missing animals with the owners concerned.

If you’re on the hunt for your missing animals, Wess Staats, a woman from Boulder with search and rescue experience, urges everyone to be careful how you approach a pet. She said they’ve probably gone into fight-or-flight mode and might not even recognize you.

“It’s just a little primitive. You know they’re going into that state of protection, ”Staats said. “They are just in a state of constant stress.”

Staats helped find dogs even before the fire.

Another woman, Amy Hwang, used social media to reunite missing animals with concerned owners.

“It just means the absolute world to me,” Hwang said. “Now we see other extinct animals gathered around just roaming the streets, and we cross-check pictures and everything that is of that nature and do our best to make sure we get the right owners.”

Hwang knows that this search doesn’t always have a happy ending.

“It’s hard, it’s hard to come to terms with because you put yourself in these people’s shoes too, and they also lost everything on top of that. So now it’s about showing compassion and continuing to show compassion in times of grief and harshness in these devastating times, ”Hwang said.

Rescue tips for lost dog in survival mode

  • Don’t chase, call or use the dog’s name
  • Get down to the ground but do not make eye contact, this can be interpreted as aggressive behavior
  • Speak in a calm, soft voice not directed at the dog
  • Use strong flavored treats or meats
  • Be patient

Contact Boulder County Animal Control at 303-441-3626 or Boulder Animal Control at 303-441-4444.

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