Visualping Raises $ 6 Million to Boost Services Targeting Business Using Its Web Monitoring Tools

Serge Salager, CEO and founder of Visualping. (View photo)

New funding: Web monitoring service Visualization raised a second round of funding of $ 6 million. In March, the startup raised $ 2 million. Total funding for the Vancouver, British Columbia-based company, which launched in 2017, now stands at $ 8.5 million. It expects to surpass 2 million users this fall.

Grow in power : Visualping searches for content online and notifies users when there are changes to the sites. The service has seen a boom in the past year as people search for COVID-19 vaccines. Other consumer uses include finding home and job listings and monitoring social media.

Businesses use it to survey competitors, monitor changes in laws and business applications, gather information, track contacts for sales, and maintain the web-based database. The startup is focusing more on business services and plans to launch Visualping for Business in the fall, which will include expanded corporate customer service; team and collaboration tools; and other new features.

The company has just published a tool train your system to better recognize online changes. When Visualping users receive an email notification alerting them to new content, they will be able to click and rank the quality of the alert, allowing the business to refine its results using learning. automatic.

Visualization interface. (Visual image)

Investors: The funding was led by Fuse, a Seattle-based fund that split from Ignition Partners last year and itself recently raised $ 120 million. Previous investors Mistral Ventures and N49P participated in the new round of Visualping.

The capital will help pay for business-oriented tools as well as sales and marketing.

The team: CEO and founder Serge Salager previously launched RetargetLinks and spent over a decade in marketing and product development for Procter & Gamble in Switzerland.

Chief Technologist of Visualping Xavier Raffin worked for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Martin lopatka is responsible for data science and previously led a machine learning team at Mozilla. Gideon Lin recently joined as Head of Partnerships and Business Development.

Visualping has 20 employees and hopes to double that number by the end of the year.

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