This is how Google aims to protect your privacy in ad-filled websites

New Delhi: Google has detailed its goals of respecting user privacy while maintaining a well-functioning ad-supported website.

Google said it aims to expand the “Privacy Sandbox” proposals to make the web more private and secure for users.

“This will support publishers’ ability to generate revenue from ad inventory and advertisers’ ability to secure value for ad spend,” Google said in a blog post.

It will also promote a good user experience while browsing the web, including with respect to digital advertising, by providing them with substantial transparency and control over their data as they browse the web.

It will not “distort competition between Google’s own advertising products and services and those of other market participants”.

Google said many publishers and advertisers rely on online advertising to fund their websites and reach new customers.

The tech giant last week lifted a major regulatory hurdle as the UK competition regulator formally accepted the tech giant’s Privacy Sandbox commitments so they don’t harm competition or unfairly benefit the search giant’s own advertising business.

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said it was working closely with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to oversee the development of the proposals, so that they protect privacy without unduly restricting competition and harming consumers.

Google said it will also increase its engagement with industry stakeholders (including publishers, advertisers and ad technology providers) by providing a systematic feedback process to consider reasonable opinions and suggestions. .

“We will also create a dedicated microsite, available at, explaining these channels in more detail and featuring a new feedback form for submitting suggested use cases and API feature requests, by the end of February 2022. “, said Google.

“Helping businesses adapt to a secure web, through invention and collaboration, can help lay the foundation for long-term economic sustainability and growth,” he added. .

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