The Pee Dee family searches for their missing daughter; last known phone call to North Myrtle Beach

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – A Pee Dee family is searching for their missing daughter who hasn’t been heard from for a month.

The family filed a missing person report last week for Ashlyn Adams Wyatt. Her mother, Shane Gibson, started a Facebook page called “Find Ashlyn Adams Wyatt” where the posts were repeatedly shared and even caught the attention of the National Center for Missing and Endangered.

Gibson said the past month has been difficult not knowing where her daughter is.

“The fact that no one has seen or heard from her is why I think she’s probably in danger. And that’s why we’re extremely concerned,” Gibson said. “I just want to hug her and take her home.”

Gibson last saw her daughter wearing black jeans, a white t-shirt and All-Star Converse shoes.

She also mentioned that Wyatt would be in the North Myrtle Beach area based on his last known phone call.

However, Gibson said Wyatt needed medical attention after battling addiction for five years.

“The addiction took a toll on her and her appearance,” Gibson said. “I’m heartbroken and scared. It’s heartbreaking with his addiction, but not hearing from him has been hard. It’s been hell.

Knowing that his daughter is missing and needs medical attention also hurt Gibson.

Gibson advocates for the mental health of families affected by addiction.

“I would like to see more help for families going through this. The toll on parents’ health, I can’t even describe. Meanwhile, you’re trying to stay the course and be a productive member of society. Be a normal parent and live a normal life,” Gibson said.

Gibson said if the situation continues a bit longer, they may launch a search party in the Myrtle Beach area.

If you have any information about Wyatt, you can call the Florence County Sheriff’s Office at 843-665-2121.

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