The Muskogee family on the hunt for the Good Samaritan who rushed to their side after a car crash – FOX23 News

MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma (KOKI) – A Muskogee family is looking for a Good Samaritan who came to their aid after being struck by a semi-truck.

Liza Cotner said she was taking her 16-year-old daughter, Isabella, to summer school when this happened. She said they were traveling north on York Street and noticed a tractor-trailer driver driving strangely. Cotner said she went past the truck, but the driver started to slip into their lane and hit the back of their car. She said the car rolled onto its side and they were dragged nearly a block to the intersection of York and Shawnee.

Cotner said first responders showed up immediately, but before they arrived she said a man had rushed to the car. Cotner said the man claimed he was a retired paramedic and helped assess her and her daughter. Cotner said he was like a guardian angel and added, “He sat there and held my hand and said everything would be fine.”

Isabella said she watched paramedics as they helped her mother out of the car with the Jaws of Life, a hydraulic rescue tool to pull Cotner out of the car. Isabella said they had both been taken to St. Francis Hospital and said: “If we went faster we would probably have been crushed to death.”

Cotner said she can’t remember the name of their Guardian Angel, but that would mean the whole world would say thank you for what he did that day.

She said, “As a nurse, you try to be there for patients when they need someone to hold their hand so that they aren’t alone just to comfort them, and that’s did he do for me that day. “

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