The Learning Economy Heralds the Internet of Education DAO Research

The Learning Economy Foundation is a US-based 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to a new vision for education and employment infrastructure, where data is not a source of friction, but a source that enables learners and employees to recognize the value of their work and skills. This vision, launched in 2020, is called the internet of education (IoE). DAOs are a perfect solution to renovate the current education and employment systems and give them more transparency and accountability. A decentralized structure allows for sufficiently stable and sustainable self-organization and governance to safely address the current education and employment landscape while placing agency in the hands of the individual. Without intermediaries or unnecessary hierarchies, an efficient and universal system can develop.

This mission is relaunched by the grant granted by DEVxDAO. Through their commitment to supporting a Web3-enabled world, LEF’s research to establish the IoE is taking shape. This applied research case study will analyze and identify the key principles of a DAO and, through the lens of education and employment, find solutions to major challenges. The grant will be used to create an open-source software development kit that will allow widespread access to any organization, nation, or ecosystem wishing to launch a DAO through the IoE. Starting with the Education Internet DAO, LEF can begin to make future infrastructure decisions based on the principle of accessibility. With over 1k organizations, advisers and reviewers, ranging from government departments and NGOs to private and public partners, the Internet of Education case study can begin to assess and perpetuate a comprehensive review of education and employment .

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