The 5 best voice-to-text browser extensions


Voice to Text (VTT), sometimes referred to as Speech to Text, is more than just a useful feature. For those with hand injuries or disabilities that affect the hands, this is a lifeline. Modern MTB technology is precise and smooth.

It can adapt to accents, speech disorders and even background noise. You can use them with any type of microphone, including an internal laptop mic. Voice typing is easier than ever!

These five Chrome extensions let you use your voice to type online and browse the Internet.

1. Surf the lips

Surfing the lips doesn’t stop with dictation, it adds full voice control to Chrome. With this extension, you can fill text fields, click buttons, browse pages and tabs, etc. You only need your voice. When you install it for the first time, you will access its Options page. From here you can access a quick and easy tutorial.

Several useful features make Lipsurf easy to use. You can easily select anything on the page with the Key words command, which applies a simple letter tag to each object. You can then name the tag to select the button, image, link, text field, or other related item.

Lipsurf has a sturdy support system. The integrated To help The command opens a pop-up context menu, showing support for the feature you are currently using. All the features you would expect from a full MTB app can be found in this add-on. This includes text formatting, custom shortcuts, etc.

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The Custom shortcuts are how Lipsurf sidesteps the vagaries of the individual voice. With them you can solve problems like the extension which does not understand the word you are saying. You can also speed up the long entry by using Shortcuts. For example, you can tell them to insert a prepared paragraph promoting your website when you say “website plug-in.”

Lipsurf also has several useful background features. For example, it can turn off automatically if Chrome is not in focus. In other words, if you speak while Chrome is not selected, Lipsurf will ignore it.

To download: Lipsurf – Voice control for the web for Google Chrome (Free)

2. Voice recognition anywhere

This extension of Sea Breeze Computers operates Google Voice to Text. This is the same software that powers voice typing in Google Docs. It is light and simple, focusing only on the text. If you still want to use the mouse to click and scroll, this could be the solution for you.

By clicking on the extension icon, a tab will open. You must keep this tab open for Speech Recognition Anywhere to work. Once executed, the extension will automatically detect text boxes, including search bars. You can also use the Click on command to click on things, but it’s a little less reliable.

Like many MTB extensions, this one offers a variety of language and accent options. Unlike many, it also includes a lightweight Text-to-Speech feature. This allows it to double as a streamlined screen reader.

To download: Voice recognition anywhere for Google Chrome (Free)

3. Dictation box

Dictationbox floating on the extension's home page, with an example of its mail templates.

Dictation box focuses on long text rather than filling out forms or web browsing. It opens a floating box which takes your dictation. It also has a click Copy button that selects all your text and copies it to the clipboard for easy pasting.

It also allows you to pre-format text, save it, and set up a command word to insert it. It’s very similar to Lipsurf Custom shortcuts. You can further automate it using a little code.

For example, if you add [*] in the model, DictationBox will select this medium. Then you can replace it with voice typing. This makes it particularly useful for composing long text or filling out forms.

However, this extension is not a voice control extension. He cannot respond to commands such as “cancel” or “select [text]”Or click“ submit ”for you. Thus, this extension is only recommended if you can still use the mouse and the backspace key.

To download: Dictation box for Google Chrome (free)

4. SpeechAgent

    Active voice agent on a Google search

Voice agent detects the active text field and allows you to insert a dictation into it. Your dictation also appears in the Speech Agent pop-up window. Finally, there is a click copy button for cases where it cannot find the text field.

This software works on a wide variety of social media websites. However, it doesn’t work on Facebook or in word processing programs like Google Docs. Therefore, it is better for an abbreviated communication. Like DictationBox, this plugin focuses on removing your need to type.

You will still need the mouse to activate Speech Agent and navigate web pages. But if you can use a mouse, Speech Agent will take care of the keyboard issues. However, it does not accept voice commands such as “cancel” or “delete text”, so sometimes you will have to press the backspace key.

To download: SpeechAgent – Speech to Text Recognition for Google Chrome (Free)

5. Voice input

Voice input is another dictation app from the developers of DictaNote, a note-taking app designed for dictation. Voice In is more refined and robust with its controls than some of the lighter options.

It starts you off with a quick four-step tutorial. As you dictate, your dictation appears in a translucent pop-up window before entering the text box. The text in this pop-up is larger which means this app might be nice for people with vision problems as well.

It also offers custom shortcuts through Dictation Box. This is a premium feature, however. Premium users can also switch between languages ​​with keyboard shortcuts and use Voice In on more websites.

However, the free version already works without problems. It works on Facebook, Reddit, and other popular websites and integrates with email clients like Gmail and Outlook. As a bonus, its gray microphone icon looks like a natural part of the Chrome window.

To download: Voice input for Google Chrome (Free, subscription available)

Start typing with your voice

With an ATV extension, you can keep using all of your favorite websites, even when you can’t use one or more hands. With all of these options and the efficiency of MTB technology, you’re sure to find an extension that’s right for you.

And of course, voice control is also a great option for your mobile device.


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