Python at the top of the Tiobe language index

Python this month took the # 1 spot in the Tiobe Programming Language Popularity Index, becoming the third language to top the index in its 20+ years of existence.

With the October Index, released on October 6, Python joined C and Java as the languages ​​that led the Tiobe Index, which was first released in June 2001. Tiobe assesses the popularity of programming languages based on language-related searches in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Wikipedia.

The rise of Python was not unexpected, with the language gaining popularity in recent years. Tiobe cited the benefits of Python such as a good ecosystem, ease of use, abundant libraries, and fast edit-execute cycles. “C and Java’s long-standing hegemony is over,” said software-grade service provider Tiobe.

The company expects Python to eventually retain the top spot, although it may swap spots with C over the next few months. Python had already taken first place in rival PYPL (Popularity of Programming Language index, which is based on searches for language tutorials in Google.

The Tiobe top 10 for October 2021 was as follows:

  1. Python, with a score of 11.27%
  2. C, 11.16%
  3. Java, 10.46%
  4. C ++, 7.5%
  5. C #, 5.26%
  6. Visual Basic, 5.24%
  7. JavaScript, 2.19%
  8. SQL, 2.17%
  9. PHP, 2.1%
  10. Blend, 2.06%

The top 10 of the PYPL index for October 2021 was as follows:

  1. Python, with a share of 29.66%
  2. Java, 17.18%
  3. JavaScript, 8.81%
  4. Do #, 7.3%
  5. C / C ++, 6.48%
  6. PHP, 5.92%
  7. R, 4.09%
  8. Objective-C, 2.24%
  9. TypeScript, 1.91%
  10. Kotlin, 1.9%

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