On campus and online: Harper is ready to serve you: Harper College

From courses to services, Harper College is increasing its presence on campus.

The college has announced hundreds of in-person and co-ed classes for the fall, added on-campus hours for counselors, counselors and the library, and welcomes the return of Harper’s vibrant university community.

Students can choose from on-campus, online, or a mix of the two. When browse the courses, students can refine their search by selecting the type of format that best suits them.

“Within online learning, there are options – ‘Online LIVE’ and ‘Online ANYTIME’ – to create the best opportunities for students,” said Bob Parzy, Harper’s deputy director for enrollment services. . “The quality of teaching is very high regardless of the method. Our goal is to provide flexibility to community members, whether they are looking for a certificate or diploma, or looking to further their career or find a new one.

Scholarships and financial aid

Harper offers generous tuition relief:

Additional information on financial aid is available here.

Harper’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses are designed for adults looking for short-term career certificates or looking to make the transition to a new area of ​​work. Taking into account the schedules of mature students, Harper offers a range of short-term courses, including eight, 10 and 12 week courses.

From traditional credit courses to CPE offerings, students can choose from an extensive catalog of courses, including everything from accounting and architecture to diversity and dinosaurs, health and history to composition and chemistry. Harper remains dedicated to innovation, providing training and education tailored to the new and emerging workforce, including drone technology and cannabis science programs.

The college is also equipped to help students financially. Harper offers some of the most generous tuition relief programs in history, including $ 500 for new or starting students, $ 4,000 future scholarships for negatively affected CPE students by COVID-19, program funding for women and more. Additional information is available on the Financial Aid and Awards web page.

“Harper’s financial support for students is the strongest I have ever seen,” said Parzy, who has been a Harper employee for 15 years. “We don’t want money to be a reason someone won’t sign up. We are doing everything we can to remove financial barriers.

Support for college students goes beyond tax assistance. Harper is increasing hours on campus for services such as Admissions Outreach, Single Window, Registrar, Center for New Students and Orientation, Hawks Care Resource Center and Counseling Services, Advising Services, the Testing Center, Access and Disability Services, and the Women’s Program.

Student services

For on-campus and online hours, click on each Harper service:

Appointments are encouraged, but walk-in visits are welcome. Offices and departments also maintain virtual hours. More information, including virtual and campus hours, is listed for each department on its web page. For links to a variety of offices and areas, as well as health safety precautions, visit the Coming to Campus page.

In addition, the Foglia Foundation Health and Recreation Center, Harper College Library, MegaLab and HarperStore are open, as is the campus Subway location. The bookstore will continue to offer online shopping and the library will maintain online services.

For first-time or returning students looking for an introduction to college-wide or a specific program, Harper offers a range of virtual briefings for learners of all ages, those interested in Fast Track, University Center, Paralegal Studies, Professional and Technical Programs. and more. Visit the Information Sessions page for more details. New students can register welcome sessions, hosted virtually or in person (which includes a campus tour).

The tours are far from the only events on Harper’s campus, which include the free summer concert series at the Outdoor Pavilion, Wednesday training sessions at the water’s edge, InZone and family summer camp open-air movie nights in July and August.

“Harper is part of the community. We are you, ”Parzy said. “We have several options to help you move on to the next phase of your education, your career, your life. We are here to serve our community.

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