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Omaha SEO is launching its new SEO Masters Academy, an online educational course that teaches proven white hat strategies that small and medium businesses can immediately apply to improve online visibility.

The goal of the new course is to teach students a rock-solid strategy for ranking in the major search engines. It leverages its patented Omni Maps Protocol® which includes a 203-step process to reliably and consistently place businesses in local map rankings.

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The recently launched program includes guided walkthroughs with live Zoom training, Facebook groups, and weekly Q&A calls. The SEO Crash Course shows exactly how to rank websites on the first page of Google in just a few months.

One of its strategies is to improve the visibility of a local business in Google Maps. Omaha SEO explains that many businesses do not rank on this app because Google uses the searcher’s location to give them nearby results. This means that in order for a searcher to find a local business, they must be near the location of the business or stand directly at the store.

This considerably limits the visibility of the brand. Still, with Omni Maps Protocol, business owners can list their businesses in Google Maps in a larger metropolis. The result is increased visibility, resulting in more online traffic and a greater chance of customer conversion. More details can be found at

The proven card strategy works by making a business a “local authority”. By becoming so, a business expands its reach in Google Maps, as its brand becomes visible not only in its specific community, but also across the city.

With the new SEO Masters Academy, clients learn how to improve their SEO strategies so that they become the “local authority” of their city. The company highlights recent studies that show that more than 90% of consumers do not go past the first page of Google and that more than half of that population uses Google Maps as a starting point.

The new course is offered at $ 399 per student.

An Omaha SEO spokesperson said, “We’ve invested over 25 years to make sure it works for every type of online business owner.”

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