Odudu Ime Otutu crowned “Ultimate Craftsman” coronation party Gulder Ultimate Search

It was a night to remember at Cilantro in Lagos yesterday when Nigerian Breweries hosted Nigerians at the Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12 Winners Party.

The resounding success of this year’s Gulder Ultimate Search spilled over to the winners’ party which was graced by hundreds of Nigerians while thousands more followed online.

Odudu Otu, the winner of this season’s Gulder Ultimate Search, was crowned after finding Akolo’s chest on the final day after battling 17 other contestants who went into the jungle with him.

Odudu received 50 million naira in prizes, including the key to an SUV donated by Innoson Motors and a return ticket to Dubai. The youngest of the finalists expressed his joy at being the ultimate craftsman. He thanked the Nigerian breweries for the opportunity given to him and the other contestants.

He said: “First of all, I would like to thank Nigerian Breweries, organizers of Gulder Ultimate Search, for bringing the show back. I had fond memories of it growing up and was sad when it stopped airing. I couldn’t contain my joy when she returned for season 12 in 2021.

“I didn’t hesitate to apply, and despite stepping into the jungle as a wild card, I was determined to make the most of this opportunity. This rare opportunity changed my life for good, and I am truly grateful to the Nigerian breweries, their sponsors and partners, and my fellow competitors.

Emmanuel Oriakhi, who is the Marketing Director of Nigerian Breweries, attributed the success of this season’s Gulder Ultimate Search to the organizers, sponsors and partners, crew members, competitors and all Nigerians.

Emmanuel said, “The return of Gulder Ultimate Search coincided with our relaunch of Gulder as a craft beer, and Nigerians overwhelmingly embraced both.

“There is a reason why Gulder Ultimate Search is the biggest reality TV show in Nigeria, making heroes of our young people and providing a platform that nurtures the value of team spirit and competitiveness individual. We are grateful to everyone here today for being part of our success. We say thank you.


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