Morrison’s government secures Australian workforce

Jobs, Manpower, Skills, Small Business and Family Business Minister Stuart Robert today announced new measures to equip Australia’s workforce with the skills to increase Australia’s prosperity now and in the future.

The measures announced today follow the first report on the state of skills issued by the National Skills Commission.

Minister Robert said the Morrison government will put in place a series of measures designed to build the capacity of the workforce, support job mobility and ensure that challenges such as labor shortages work, accelerating change with increased use of digital technology and more flexible working methods were discussed.

Australia’s continued prosperity depends on a workforce with the skills to meet the demands of the economy and the community, as well as the agility to seize the opportunities presented by emerging industries. .

I am also announcing a series of measures designed to help Australians find meaningful jobs and to educate and empower industry to play the important role of attracting and retaining employees.

“We will spend $ 8 million to increase the number of job fairs in regional and metropolitan areas and connect more Australians with local jobs. We will expand the success of the Launch into Work program to $ 74.7 million in projects funded each year to prepare job seekers for vacancies through work experience, training and mentorship. We will also extend the 1800 CAREER service to Australians aged 25 and over who are self-managing their job search using government online employment services.

We will strive to accelerate entry into the labor market through the learning and training sector by investing $ 10.5 million over the next three years to work intensively with governments of New South Wales and South Australia to pilot new approaches to accelerate the time to qualification.

“We will also look at those who have emigrated to Australia and how we can help them take work in areas of demand that our national workforce is unable to meet. We will spend nearly $ 20 million through 2023-24 to provide faster, cheaper skills assessments that will recognize the valuable skills migrants have brought with them and their ability to contribute to the Australian workforce. . Our targeted migration metrics will continue to be viewed holistically, informed by the broader goals of Australia’s national workforce to ensure they complement each other.

Minister Robert said the new measures would complement existing government programs, and all job seekers and those looking to retrain and upgrade would benefit.

“Our vision for skills reform and a funding model that provides national consistency to students, underpinned by improvements in data collection, timeliness and transparency across the vocational training system (VET ), will ensure that we are training Australians with the right skills to get the jobs in demand, ”said Minister Robert.

“We will also ensure that active service providers play a stronger and more proactive brokerage role in identifying local employment opportunities and directing job seekers to suitable work. Job seekers and job providers should be results-oriented, with providers working closely with their region’s employment facilitator to develop strategies that better link job seekers to business needs communities and help job seekers develop their skills so that they are ready to take on a job when opportunities arise. arise.

“From January 1, 2022 to June 2024, we will provide more than $ 49 million to double the number of places in the skills check program for older workers and increase the number of skills and training incentives available, to help older Australians adopt a lifelong approach. learning, development and retraining, while reducing their reliance on income support.

Minister Robert said the Australian government is committed to providing strong incentives and support for older job seekers to stay engaged in the labor market.

“Older retirees who choose to reenter the workforce or to increase their working hours will have an easier return to the retirement pension if they exceed the income limit due to their employment and will be able to keep their pension. retiree concession card for two years, “said Minister Robert.

Minister Robert said the Morrison government would also invest $ 10 million to develop an integrated data tool that would provide a comprehensive, near real-time regional view of Australia’s workforce, skills and labor market. .

“The tool will provide regional workforce, skills and labor data to help companies understand workforce supply and demand, assist them in planning their workforce. and match the skills and training available to their needs, “said Minister Robert.

“What I’m announcing today ensures that the workforce policy and industry-specific workforce plans are data-driven, equip and empower Australians to fill available work,” remove barriers to participation, activate industry and target migration to complement the national workforce and fill skills and workforce gaps.

“It identifies the critical role business and industry must play in investing in their existing workforce and contributing to Australia’s current and future workforce, and ensures that all Australians have the opportunity to succeed. train, improve or improve and find rewarding work. “

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