Measures to prevent flood damage when snow begins to melt

After heavy snowfall and early morning rains, snowmelt is affecting neighborhoods around Spokane. Here are some simple steps to avoid flood damage.

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash .– After heavy snowfall on Thursday and rain on Friday, melting snow is wreaking havoc in neighborhoods in Spokane.

The city’s sewage crews work hard to clear snow from storm sewers, but many of these crews help with snow removal in residential areas.

Spokane National Weather Service (NWS) reported Above-freezing temperatures and windy conditions are expected for Friday, leading to snowmelt and the possibility of some hydrological impacts.

Residents should be prepared in advance to avoid flood damage to their home or business.

According to a press release from the town of Spokane, there are approximately 12,000 storm drains in the town and crews will not be able to access each.

Here are some simple steps residents can take to avoid flood damage:

  • Clean snow around drains to make it easier for excess water to pass near their homes and businesses.
  • Keep streets passable for cars and pedestrians
  • Do not drive in an intersection or on a flooded street around your neighborhood, as your car may stall.
  • Report any flooding or standing water to authorities by calling 509-625-7900.

If you don’t know where the nearest storm drain is to your home or business, you can use MapSpokane to know the location of the drains.

Here are the steps to find your storm drain:

  • Go to card.
  • Click Search in the upper left corner.
  • Put your address in the search tool so that the map zooms in on it.
  • Go to the layers icon in the upper right corner and click on Utilities.
  • Select Stormwater, then select Stormwater Inlet
  • Green lines should appear on the map showing the location of the stormwater infrastructure.
  • The small squares represent rainwater collectors or catch basins.

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