website restored, job search and labor services resume

The website, which was recently hit by a website outage, has been restored, Iowa Workforce Development announced. The outage, caused by a cyberattack on third-party provider Geographic Solutions Inc. (GSI), was resolved after close coordination between GSI and the state.

Iowa residents can use the website to search for a new job and log their job search activities. Unemployment benefit payments were unaffected by the outage, but the requirement for job seekers to report re-employment activity on has been temporarily suspended. Following the restoration of the website:
Individuals filing weekly claims will again be required to report re-employment activity on beginning Sunday, July 24 (to report activity from the previous week)
Individuals who filed an initial application from Sunday, June 26 through Friday, July 15 are encouraged to log into the website and ensure they have an active resume visible to employers.
To fully restore the website, a thorough operations and cybersecurity process has been put in place to protect the site and its data. GSI has publicly stated that no sensitive customer or end-user information was affected, and the same finding has been confirmed by the state.

The state continued to review the circumstances surrounding the outage and ensure continuity plans continue to be updated. Due to operational security concerns, the State of Iowa has a policy of not publishing or discussing cybersecurity tactics or strategies. Job seekers with questions about their claims should contact the IWD Customer Service Line at [email protected] or 1-866-239-0843.

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