HUMBL announces “Project: Search 3”

Speaking at the launch of the Latin America Blockchain Accelerator (LABS) in Santiago, Chile, the CEO of HUMBLInc., Brian Foote, has announced the launch of “Project: Search 3”.

The initiative will result in the production of “Search 3”, one of the first modular and blockchain-based Web 3 search engines. The company said it is already well underway building the technology, which is expected to ship to global markets in the first half of calendar year 2022.

“The challenge of building a decentralized Web 3 that is still easily discoverable, well-organized and verifiable on the blockchain for users is both revolutionary and exciting,” said HUMBL CEO Brian Foote.

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“We view Search 3 as a simple discovery layer that provides verifiable blocks of information on top of Web 3,” said Alfonso Arana Jr., Vice President of HUMBL Blockchain Services. “We want to quickly provide users with authentic results and actionable transactions on top of the Web 3 blockchain economy.”

“Project: Search 3” is led by HUMBL Blockchain Services (HBS), in conjunction with Ixaya, HUMBL’s newly acquired thirty-five (35) person technology accelerator in Leon, Mexico, as well as internal technology teams by HUMBL.

In addition to providing traditional Web 2 search functionality such as web, video, image and news, “Search 3” will also provide cross-chain NFT search functionality on blockchain projects such as Ethereum, Solana, Gnosis, Polygon and BLOCKS.

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The search engine will also make available “Verified by BLOCKS” technology, an additional layer of metadata, storage and authentication that can be applied to both the physical supply chain and digital objects, such as NFT.

As part of the launch, HUMBL has acquired the domain name, where it plans to host its consumer search engine “Search 3”.

The company is in the process of filing a patent on “Search 3” technology and has already trademarked the term “Search 3”.

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