How to know the estimated value of an online property in France?

Question from the reader: In the UK it is easy to find out the appraised value of a property online with a simple free search. Nothing similar seems to be available in France – maybe we don’t know where to look?

It is true that the property price comparison and estimation services in the United Kingdom, provided by platforms such as Zoopla, have no equivalent in France.

France has much stricter privacy laws and these details, which allow anyone to see how much a property has sold and how much capital gains the owners have made, are deemed too invasive for the seller’s privacy.

Zoopla says its information comes from HM Land Registry data for actual sales and, presumably, from estate agents who advertise on its landing page for valuations.

In France it is possible to see how many houses in your area (ranging from 50m from your property to 20km) have been sold over the past five years, but this information is for private use only and not for sale. publication. It is available, free of charge, on the tax gateway website. There is also a description of the property, the estimated year of construction and the date of sale.

Many estate agent and broker sites will give an estimate of the price of a property in an area, but the figures are based on average prices per m², which makes it difficult to get an accurate idea of ​​the value of a property. a good.

Author: Sarah Bright-Thomas, Bright Lawyers. Bright Avocats provides legal advice in French

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