How to increase your newsletter revenue using influencers


September 30, 2021

7 minutes to read

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Email newsletters are an effective way to send customers information about new products, company updates, and CTAs. However, many businesses today are struggling to grow their subscriber base through traditional marketing techniques. Fortunately, by working with social media influencers, you can increase your number of subscribers and increase your newsletter income.

Whether you’re looking to promote products for a direct-to-consumer online store or promote your company’s B2B services, you can use the right influencer to build awareness for your brand. Through social media posts, a strategic influencer can give you access to their thousands of subscribers, resulting in immediate growth (and revenue) for your newsletter.

Once you have located the ideal influencer for your newsletter, you can use a CRM platform like Constant contact to automate the subscription process – your influencer creates an article on your newsletter, then interested parties click to subscribe and are added to your mailing list.

In this short article, we’ll cover how to use influencer marketing to increase your newsletter revenue by covering the following topics:

  1. Find the right influencers for your business

  2. Use free giveaways to earn newsletter subscribers

  3. Use email to tie it all together

Find the right influencers for your business.

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Influencers are socially savvy personalities who tend to be more proficient with digital content than big brands. And they usually specialize in certain areas or sub-categories within a given industry. Influencer marketing for newsletters can be extremely effective in gaining new subscribers as long as you find the right personality for your business.

To determine how influential a social media guru is, consider the following criteria:

  • Relevance – Read an influencer feed or posts to make sure their message is aligned with your brand. The ideal candidate should not only share a similar demographics, but also a common vibe.

  • Reach – To determine the reach of an influencer, look at their unique visitors. However, the quality of reach is more important than the total number of unique visitors or the number of subscribers. Is the influencer effective in reaching his target demographic? If so, they don’t have to be a very popular influencer. Sometimes micro-influencers can be just as effective.

  • Engagement – If you want to use an influencer to increase your newsletter revenue, you need someone who interacts organically with their base. Look at their posts and comments – are readers responding at all, and if so, is the response positive or negative?

  • Frequency – Optimal influencers should post content consistently. Usually that means at least once a day or two. And be sure to check that they were posted recently and that the account isn’t abandoned.

With this knowledge, you can now use influencer search engines like CreatorIQ, Upfluence or AspireIQ to find a suitable candidate. Many influencer search engines offer a demo or a free trial. After providing routine information about your business, you can consult with an approved community of influencers of different sizes and from different industries.

Remember, the goal is to use one influencer, or even multiple influencers, to promote your business newsletter through social posts. Depending on the platform, this can mean content on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Use free giveaways to gain newsletter subscribers.

Use free giveaways to gain newsletter subscribers.

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One of the best ways for an influencer to promote your newsletter is to offer a free giveaway to get people to sign up.

For example, a graphic designer might want to offer free designs, while a restaurant might offer a coupon. The incentive you choose depends on your business and your demographics. The influencer can use this free giveaway as the cornerstone of their newsletter message.

Here are some examples of free giveaways to use as an incentive to sign up for your newsletter:

  • Exclusive Content – This is a relatively easy to create, but very valuable free gift option. Create a PDF document with exclusive content that your ideal audience would love to read. This can include blog-style content, inspiring information about your industry, or even an educational guide on a specific topic. The exclusivity of the content will make your new subscribers feel special for getting it.

  • Free Products or Services – This can be difficult due to the cost of making or acquiring the products, as well as the cost of sending the items. However, if you can think of a real profitable product or free service to offer to get you to sign up for your mailing list, it will be very appealing to your potential subscriber.

  • Discount Code – This is an effective way to create a ‘free giveaway’ as you won’t have to spend time designing exclusive content or orchestrating a giveaway of a product or service physical. All you have to do is create some discount code (a buy one, get one offer or a percentage off coupon) and give it to anyone who signs up for your. broadcast list.

  • Raffle Ticket – Instead of giving away an actual product / service or offering a discount code, you can create a raffle for a chance to win a free product or service. This is especially perfect for companies whose products or services are high-end purchases, as it wouldn’t be reasonable to create a free giveaway for everyone who signs up for the mailing list.

It’s about understanding your audience and providing value to them, both with the free giveaway and with the quality of your newsletter.

Use email to tie it all together.

Use email to tie it all together.

Image credit: Constant contact

When an influencer posts to your newsletter, users who click the link to subscribe should be placed in an automated email series that welcomes them to your newsletter, tells them how to follow up to receive their free giveaway, and can include additional emails.

The idea is to place these subscribers in their own group, in addition to being integrated into the fold of your main subscriber list.

This whole process is simple and user-friendly thanks to Constant contacts simplified dashboard.

Follow these steps before you start the influencer or free giveaway campaign:

  1. First, create a whole new series of automated emails for new subscribers who found you through the influencer or free giveaway campaign. Include a welcome message along with any information they need regarding the free gift. You may also need to ask them for information (such as their mailing address). You may also wish to include any other email you have in your usual “welcome subscribers” series.

  2. Next, create an email list signup form in Constant Contact that will live on your site, especially for users who sign up through the influencer or free giveaway campaign. This is the link that you will give to your influencer to promote. These registrations will be added to a special list within Constant Contact and entered into the series of emails.

  3. Finally, be sure to integrate this mailing list into your main subscriber list so that these users are included in your main subscriber group, and not just their own special list.

Combining the promotional reach of the right influencer with a quality newsletter can increase your subscriber base and your income. By using a CRM like Constant Contact, you can simplify the process while keeping an eye on valuable metrics.

Contrary to popular belief, influencers are not reserved for big brands like Apple, Coca-Cola, etc. In fact, there is a wide range of influencers that are accessible and affordable to businesses of all sizes. And they offer near instant access to industry-related demographics. Whether you’re promoting your business’s B2B services or selling directly to customers online, one of the best ways to increase newsletter revenue is through influencer marketing.


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