How to find someone online when you can’t remember their name

Have you ever found yourself thinking of someone you know, maybe at school or at work or maybe a distant relative, and you wish you could reconnect with them? But what if you can’t remember their name? Is it still possible to find their information online so that I can get in touch with them?

The answer is yes, there are ways to find someone online when you can’t remember their name. Below we have compiled some tips that you can try if you ever find yourself in this situation.

Try a people search website

A people finder website can be a handy tool when you need to collect details about someone, such as contact details and general information. But if you thought you must know the person’s name, think again.

If you have other details like their phone number or address, you can also use Nuwber to try to figure out their name. So, this is definitely a way to find someone even if you can’t remember their full name.

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Try a search engine

A search engine like Google may be what you need to find someone whose name you can’t remember. Maybe you remember a nickname they used to use, or maybe you remember some other details about them that you can try typing in the search box to see if you can create a track up to the person.

You might even be able to search for images using a photo of the individual. Find out what pops up, like social media pages, which will allow you to connect with them.

Sure, it can be difficult to use a search engine when you can’t remember someone’s name, but if you know other details, like their job title and company, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Try social media

You can also try using social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook to find someone whose name you can’t remember. For example, on LinkedIn, you might be able to locate the profiles of your colleagues to research their connections and see if you can find the person you need to contact. Or, you can use the Company Pages on LinkedIn to see lists of employees if you know where the person is currently working or has worked in the past.

There are several ways you can do this on Facebook, but that involves knowing other details about the person. For example, if you know their phone number or email address, you might be able to find them just by typing that information into the search box. Or, if you can remember who the person was friends with, you can go to one of those profiles and then search their friends list to see if you find the person you’re looking for. And you can also try to search for them using other details, such as where they worked or what school they attended. In other words, if you can remember other details about the person, you can try using them to find them on Facebook.

Bottom Line: Just because you can’t remember someone’s name doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to connect with them again. With some effort and the right resources, you might be able to find them online with surprising ease, so give it a try.

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