Google says Web Stories performance is not indicative of overall site performance in search

Google’s John Mueller said that the performance of your Web Stories in Google Search is not related to the overall ranking performance of your site in general in Google Search. He also added a side not that in general, web stories are hard to optimize for SEO because web stories usually have very little textual content.

John said so in his last YouTube SEO hangout at 42:51, where he said “I wouldn’t worry about the performance of web stories being tied in any way to the rankings of the rest of your content, because that is definitely not the case.”

He then briefly commented on how hard it is to do SEO on these web stories, saying “I think with the web stories themselves, doing SEO for them is sometimes tricky because there’s very little text on it. So if you’re getting impressions for them, then you’re already doing a pretty good job.”

Then he went back to how Web Stories don’t impact your other pages on your site, in terms of rankings. He said “But in general these are basically HTML pages, they are presented in a slightly different way in search results then in Discover, but these web stories will not negatively affect the rest of your site’s ranking. website.”

Here is the embedded video:

Just a bit of history on Web Stories, in 2018 Google launched AMP Stories, then they became more visual, with visual stories in 2019. Then in 2020 Google renamed them AMP Stories to Web Stories.

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