Google brings “retail search” to cloud customers

Google is expanding its cloud services, bringing Retail Search to its customers in an effort to help them provide the best experience for their own customers.

One of the biggest problems that online shoppers face is finding the products that interest them. This can be especially evident when comparing the retail platform’s search capabilities with the Google search features that customers have grown accustomed to.

Google Cloud is now bringing the power of its search to retail customers, with Retail Search, which the company unveiled in a blog post.

This fully managed service is easily customizable, allowing organizations to create buyer-centric search experiences. Our site search solution is built on Google’s decades of experience and innovation in search indexing, retrieval, and ranking. Retailers can make product discovery even easier for shoppers, while optimizing their business goals with advanced features

Retail Search gives customers the ability to offer advanced query understanding, which means customers will have more success finding what they’re looking for, even with the broadest search terms. The service also includes semantic search, which matches product attributes with relevant products.

Customers are already seeing the benefits of Retail Search.

“With limited customer signals and no historical data, long-tail descriptive searches are among the most difficult queries to understand,” said Neelima Sharma, senior vice president, technology, e-commerce, marketing and merchandising at Lowe’s. “We’ve partnered with Google Cloud to deliver relevant long-tail search results to our customers and have seen an increase in clicks and search conversions and a drop in our ‘No Results Found’ rate since our launch. .”

Google Cloud customers who want to learn more can visit Discovery Solutions for Retail or contact their Google Cloud field sales representative.

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