Gmail users will love the latest interface update

Finding the exact information or email you’re looking for in Gmail on the web is about to get even easier, as Google is rolling out a new update for its email client.

If this sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because the search giant just rolled out an update similar to Gmail on Android, which also makes it easier to find information and emails quickly using your browser. ‘a set of new search filters.

In a new post on the Google Workspace blog, Google explained that it is bringing improved search bullets to Gmail on the web that provide richer drop-down lists with more options for users of its email service to apply. additional filters.

Refined email searches

As part of this new update, Gmail users will have access to improved search bullets that appear as buttons below the service’s search bar for “From,” “Anytime,” “To a room. attached ”,“ To ”and“ Not read ”.

Now, after performing a search, users will be able to filter the search results to find exactly what they are looking for faster.

For example, when a user clicks the “From” bullet, they can quickly enter a name, choose from a list of suggested senders, or search for emails from multiple senders. There is also a tab next to these search bullets that allows you to search for the same information in any of your Google Chat messages.

Improved search chips are now available to all Gmail users and by taking advantage of them you can even increase your productivity as you won’t have to waste time browsing your inbox for emails or emails. specific information.

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