Ecosia, powered by Bing, to plant trees to fight U.S. wildfires

Ecosia, Microsoft’s Bing-powered tree plantation search engine, announced that it will use the proceeds of people tracing next Tuesday to fund tree planting and other initiatives in the United States, Brazil and Australia to restore areas decimated by wildfires. The trees will not only reclaim areas, but will provide more resilience against future forest fires.

Ecosia’s business model is pretty straightforward, people browse the web and see a few ads at the top of search results just like Google and Bing. The revenues that Ecosia receives from these search engines are then largely invested in the financing of trees. In May 2021, Ecosia’s income was € 2,181,020 and € 1,133,436 was spent to finance 1,713,195 trees. The rest of the money went to green investments, taxes and social security, product advertising, and operational costs.

Commenting on what is happening, Ecosia Content Manager Joshi Gottlieb said:

“On July 27, all of our profits will be dedicated to fighting forest fires around the world. Your research will help us launch a new project in California, scale up our restoration efforts in Australia, and fund local firefighters in Brazil.

This is not the first time that Ecosia has devoted an entire day to financing specific projects. After weeks of fires in Australia, Ecosia announced in January 2020 that it was donating the income collected on January 23 specifically to planting trees in Australia. This allowed Australia to obtain 26,446 trees in a single day’s effort.

If you want to help out next Tuesday (July 27), just switch your browser’s default search engine to Ecosia – this is supported on the most popular platforms. All you have to do is search the web normally, then Ecosia can start collecting income. It should go without saying, don’t click on the ads you are not interested in as this will only hurt the initiative.

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