Easy Furniture Web Tip #331: On Voice Search Optimization

Furniture World News Bureau on 07/19/2022

So I’ve had a few calls over the past few months from clients telling me they’ve had calls from people trying to sell search engine optimization services for voice search. Representatives say they can help owners present themselves well when performing voice searches on Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant.

Voice search is a big deal, so website owners should be worried. But do they really need do something special to get traffic?

I periodically do voice searches on my phone for my clients’ sites and they have well done.

It is because if we are already optimized for local search and one is a local business, the other is ready to go.

(Isn’t it fun to use the old fashioned “one” pronoun we learned in school?)

After a call last week, I decided to do just a little research. The most useful article I have found that you might find helpful is this one from Forbes.

In the above article and others there was a strong focus on local optimization, conversational writing, and building pages to answer questions users might have. FAQ pages are also considered important by this article and others.

The above are all the things I promote to my clients and readers.

Easy Furniture 331 web tip: If you already optimize well for regular local search, you won’t have to worry about optimizing for voice search.

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