Earth911 Podcast:’s Christian Kroll on Planting Trees Every Web Search

How to reduce the environmental impact of your digital life? Making changes to reduce your environmental impact around the house is simple: you can eat less meat, reduce your single-use plastic purchases, or turn down the thermostat a few degrees to make a difference. But when you go online, there aren’t many obvious choices to reduce your impact. Enter, which has planted over 143 million trees to offset the environmental impact of web searches.

Christian Kroll, founder of the tree planting search engine, is our guest on Durability in your ear.

Christian started Ecosia in 2009 after seeing the devastating impact of deforestation while traveling after graduating from college. The company was also the first B Corporation in Germany. Although the search engine produces CO2, the trees planted offset more emissions than creates – they estimate that the trees planted result in a net CO2 reduction of 2.2 pounds. by search. To put this into context, Ecosia estimates that if it had the same volume of searches as Google, it could plant enough trees to eliminate 15% of humanity’s CO2 emissions each year. You research and plant trees, and learn more at

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