“Don’t Google Rainbow Kiss” video goes viral on TikTok; The internet regrets looking for this type of rude kiss!

When someone warns you not to do something, why does our brain take it as “GO DO IT NOW”? Well, in this case, a “rainbow kiss” on Google made people scream “OH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” MY EYES!! MY EYES!!!’ After the TikTok “Don’t Google Rainbow Kiss” video (s) went viral, people became interested in this type of kiss. However, they soon regretted their decision to search for this type of kissing online. What followed next was a barrage of reactions on the microblogging platform Twitter from shocked netizens. What is a rainbow kiss? Know the meaning of this X-rated raw kissing style, how it is performed and its relation to menstruation.

“Don’t Google Rainbow Kiss” TikTok Video Goes Viral:

What is Rainbow Kiss?

But what is a Rainbow Kiss? Brace yourself if you still haven’t heard of this ‘disgusting’ type of kissing. According to the Urban Dictionary, “Indeed, the term refers to performing cunnilingus on a menstruating woman, often followed by an oral exchange of semen and blood / other secretions. NOTHING to do with homosexuals . “

Another simpler definition of Rainbow Kiss, again given by the Urban Dictionary, is – “When a guy gives a head to a girl while she is on her period, and he has all the blood in his mouth. And one girl gives head to a guy and gets cum in her mouth. Now when the guy / girl has blood / sperm in their mouth they kiss. “

Here’s another, “Rainbow Kiss is when a the man makes 69 while a woman has her period. The man cums in the woman’s mouth and the two kiss, the menstrual blood and semen mix together to form a beautiful rainbow of colors. “We think this should be enough to give you a feel for the Rainbow Kiss.

But what about those who got too curious for their own good and googled Rainbow Kiss online? Here are some of the reactions they posted.

You should not have

Google ‘Rainbow Kiss’ at your own risk


My eyes, my eyes


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