Cars24 will deliver cars in seven days here, explores helicopter delivery

Cars24, the e-commerce platform for used vehicles, has announced its seven-day car delivery service in Australia. For the launch, Cars24 flew in from Sydney and flew a refurbished used car via helicopter to deliver it to its new owners.

With record wait times of up to 12 months impacting the car-buying experience for Australians, Cars24 has pledged to deliver on the new 7-Day Expedited Delivery Promise for its customers subway, the company said.

The announcement follows new research revealing that Australians are frustrated with the traditional time-consuming process of buying used cars – as it takes more than four weeks to search through online classifieds and search engines. research, and an average of an hour and a half commuting to visit a private seller.

Giving Sydney a glimpse into the future of helicopter or drone delivery, the Cars24 helicopter delivered cars across the city over the weekend. His new approach demonstrates a new future where cars could be delivered not by road but by air across geographies.

Cars24 offers a fast-paced experience compared to the traditional model – offering the ability to finance and buy, and now, fast and free delivery within a week to metro customers in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, he said.

The 7-day delivery service will bring more convenience and value to Australians, along with the ease of placing an order in 4 minutes on the Cars24 website, the company claims.

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