Browser Helper: Surf the Web Smarter with Small Browser Hacks

Your browser is inherently a powerful application. If you then use its functions a little beyond the intended use, you will still make many tasks easier. In the form of bookmarklets, you can tailor websites and expand their range of functionality. And the address bar shortcuts open up a whole new form of fast browsing on a number of sites.

The address fields of major browsers also serve as input fields for search engine inquiries. A search engine is defined as the standard. The browser also supports a few other search services by default. You simply type a search query on the standard search engine in the address field. To search with another search engine, precede it with a shortcut.

Search engines can be individualized. You can use it to quickly find frequently used sites. If you use the underlying mechanism creatively, you can also use it to navigate a number of websites in a more targeted and faster way.

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