Brave Browser launched the Brave search engine – currently in beta

The developers of the popular privacy-focused Brave browser have now launched Brave Search. This search engine is now available for testing by the public, the tool is currently in beta.

Launch of the Brave search engine

According to the recent ad from the tech company, the Brave browser now brightens up the user experience with a dedicated search engine. Called “Brave Search”, this search engine aims to respect the privacy of users when they search for topics of interest to them.

According to the details available on the Web page for the tool, this search engine will not follow users.

Brave Search does not track you or your requests. Never…

It would also leave no traces of user searches, as the company itself does not log user data.

Brave Search does not track you, your searches or your clicks. It is impossible for us to share, sell or lose your data because we do not collect it in the first place.

Going further, the post explained that Brave Search is different from other private search tools, including DuckDuckGo, in that it doesn’t rely on “big tech” like Google.

While DuckDuckGo retrieves search results from Bing, Brave Search operates independently, using its own search index.

Explaining more about how this search index works, the post reads,

Brave Search uses its own index, but also guarantees a completely anonymous search, is transparent in the ranking of search results … Brave Search also introduces the industry’s first measure of search independence, showing the ratio of results coming exclusively from the Brave index. It is privately derived using the user’s browser as we do not create user profiles.

However, this independence is not currently in place because the tool is still undergoing improvements. Therefore, the search engine may retrieve some results from Microsoft Bing. But again, it won’t follow users.

For now, Brave Search is available as an ad-free platform. To go further, the firm will decide to continue with this model or to switch to a freemium model.

Testing the new search tool

Brave has deployed the search engine for all Internet users around the world.

While Brave browser users can already get their hands on this tool in their browsers, other users can visit to test this search engine.

Currently, the tool is available as an option for other search engines. Users can choose to configure it as the default search engine. Whereas in the future it will automatically be available as one.

It has a sleek design and works like any other search engine when you start typing a query.

Image: Latest hacking news

When it comes to search results, the tool provides users with simple options to customize the results based on location, time, etc. Users can also turn off the local results option which works by detecting the IP address.

Courageous Search Engine Results

Image: Latest hacking news

While Brave Search is worth trying, keep in mind that the tool is still in beta. So, expect that it will encounter issues with search results, especially with image searches.

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