Bintang Search returns for a third season

Origin Original Productions (OOPs!) to present the third season of Bintang Research today at 8 p.m. on OOPs! Youtube channel.

Bintang Research is Brunei’s most-watched reality TV show, aiming to nurture local talent with internationally transferable skills and opportunities.

This year Bintang Research got a new look with the introduction of Mat Fadhil as one of the three judges. He joins local stars Dayat Ahim and Nana Farhana, both of whom have accomplished singing careers.

The show continues to be hosted by the energetic duo of Fatin Feisal and Ian Zulkifli.

The concert features Bintang Search’s top 20 competitors: Danes, Izzat, Rofini, Kirana, Alim, Hafiz, Peepy, Matin, Faizah, Raziq, Aiz, Dani, Celeste, Faiz, Qidah, Nazz, Hassan, Jasrin, Annisa and Marsya .

The contestants were selected from a group of hopefuls who braved the audition process, some for their second or third time.

Matt Fadhil, Bintang Research Champion in 2021 said, “This year’s contestants are an interesting bunch, different from previous Bintang Searches.

“The voices, styles and vibes all light up with newness…but one thing remains the same: their passion for making music that Bruneians can relate to.”

Showrunner Siti Kamaluddin added, “Bintang Research is OOPs! long-term commitment to developing the local creative industry by providing a platform for music to drive Brunei’s creative economy.

“This year we’re looking for someone who has international appeal and can make music that’s current and accessible to many.”

Voting lines open on Sunday after the concert and viewers can vote by typing BINTANG NAME OF CONTESTANT and by SMS to 39998. Voting is free for Imagine customers.

Bintang Research Concerts will air every Sunday at 8 p.m. on OOPs! Youtube channel.

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