Bill Schmidt has been named general manager of the Colorado Rockies


On Saturday afternoon, the Colorado Rockies took the “interim” title from Bill Schmidt. He is now the fourth GM in Rocky Mountain history:

Schmidt was a former recruiting manager for the Rockies and is currently working in his 23rd season with the franchise. He was Jeff Bridich’s immediate replacement following the resignation of the former Rockies general manager at the end of April. The resignation between Bridich and the Rockies was ” from a common agreement “ and the club recruited a new team president, Greg Feasel, as well as an interim general manager at Schmidt.

The Rockies initially said a search for a permanent general manager would not begin until after the end of the 2021 season. The search was short-lived and possibly sooner than expected as another internal hire was made. promoted within the organization.

Schmidt’s official appointment comes shortly after the Rockies hired former Washington Nationals senior analyst Scott Van Lenten on September 21 as their new head of research and development. Ideally, the newly appointed GM will work closely with Van Lenten to consolidate and utilize what was the league’s smallest analysis team in 2020.

In a recent question-and-answer session with the Denver Post, Schmidt said of the use of analytics that “we have to get it back.” He also said that “analysis is no different from any tool. This is how I see analytics, as a tool.

Schmidt also touted the emphasis on the mental aspects of baseball, confusing their importance with analysis as something the Rockies organization needs to develop. Most important, he said, was his ability to “bring a group of people together. It comes down to trusting your people.

It’s too early to tell if Schmidt will be a good GM, but it was the move many had expected due to the franchise’s history of promoting from the inside rather than looking for executives on the outside. That being said, it’s now up to Schmidt and the Rockies to prove he’s the right GM to lead this franchise to its next chapter.

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