Beasley Esports’ Rocket League search is over

Beasley Esports’ search is over! After almost a full month of play and tons of matches, a new Rocket League organization has now been born. The Zookeepers ended up taking the top prize over the weekend and now Bambii, Jbot and Tool are true professional Rocket League players.

The road traveled

The Zookeepers came in confidently this weekend and played like a possessed team. Facing Frequence in the semi-finals, Jbot seemed to be everywhere at the same time. While Frequence would do a great job of getting off to a good start, as the series progressed, it became clear that zookeepers just had too much for them.

On the other side of the range, a very strong team at Vibrance quickly got Nefarious’ job done. Preparing for what was sure to be a one-game barn burner, two of the strongest teams across the roster found themselves in the Grand Final.

The guards go up

The Grand Final began with Vibrance dominating the series. Oath, in particular, stifled the zookeeper’s goal and frustrated their counterattack. On the back of a truly dynamic game, Vibrance would win the first two games with relative ease. However, in Game 3, the zookeepers were able to stop the assault with a big overtime goal from Tool. This big win appears to have been exactly what the zookeepers needed, as they would have done it in the next two games. Eventually the best of 7 sets tied at 3, but Zookeepers eventually won the first set of the final.

Vibrance came back strong in the second set and crushed the Zookeepers, 4-1. Vibrance’s victory forced a final best of seven sets. This series went back and forth with great performances from Oath and Jbot. Game 6 turned out to be one of the most tense Rocket League games you’ll see all year. The checkered nature of the series was encapsulated in this unique game and forced overtime to 3-3. About two and a half minutes into overtime, Oath pulled a clear shot on goal only to see him cannon off the crossbar. Fefe’s follow-up would drop out of the post. Less than 15 seconds later, Jbot landed a daring move forcing the game 7.

Champion Status

The zookeepers started early in Game 7 where Bambii gave Jbot an easy goal. But with 11 seconds remaining, Vibrance’s Astro equalized and forced another overtime. Facing a golden goal situation, Bambii broke free in midfield and got a clear double strike on goal.

And with that goal, Zookeepers wins a professional Rocket League contract with Beasley Esports. The name of the team is Axle-R8 with Bambii, Tool and Jbot now its first members.

Learn more about Esports and the new Axle-R8 Rocket League team on Checkpoint Daily.

Note: Checkpoint XP is wholly owned and operated by Beasley Media Group, parent company of Beasley Esports.

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