Agrim HFC launches, India’s leading affordable housing search site

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With the motto “Ab Ghar Lena Asaan” Apnagharkhoj aspires to reach every potential buyer of the informal segment and the self-employed

Offers a “green note” to projects featured on the website

Mumbai, India, 12 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Agrim Housing Finance Company, india the only housing finance company that is 100% dedicated to providing home loans to the informal low-income group of self-employed people, has launched, a website dedicated to affordable housing in the range of Rs 5 To Rs 50 lakhs.

The multilingual website lists projects and homes from builders specializing in affordable housing solutions for those looking to invest in their dream home on a relatively low budget. It currently features more than 300 properties from 250 builders in 4 locations namely Bombay, Pune, Bangalore and Indore. The platform plans to host more than 10,000 projects from builders who are not part of the formal ecosystem of digital real estate research, in December 2022.

Speaking at the launch, Dr. Malcolm Athaïde, CEO and Co-Founder of Agrim HFC said “ApnaGharKhoj is our effort to reach the largest number of customers and give them easily accessible service to realize their dream of owning a home. We are also able to supply builders smaller, who are not able to showcase their properties on other larger platforms, a way to reach their target audience. “

AphaGharKhoj offers a GREEN rating projects, which allow homebuyers to understand the environmental awareness of the project in which they are investing.

Agrim HFC has disrupted the home loan market with its unique service standards that cater exclusively to the informal sector and the self-employed by India. It works on three important pillars, namely Find My house, Finance My house & Improve my livelihood. ApnaGharKhoj, meets the needs of the first pillar, where any buyer looking exclusively for affordable housing, can easily find accommodation of their choice on the website and then have the option to finance the purchase through Agrim HFC and improve their means of livelihood with better access to opportunities.

About Agrim HFC:

Agrim housing finance company (Agrim HFC), registered under the Reserve Bank of India and regulated by the National Housing Board, is india first home finance company 100% dedicated to providing home loans to low-income self-employed people. Adopting New Technology to Provide Easy and Quick Access to Home Loans Agrim HFC aims to fulfill the homeownership dream of millions of Indians who have so far found it difficult to access finance. Agrim HFC is able to provide easy home finance solutions for people who are unable to prove their creditworthiness under the formal financial matrix. (i.e. small business owners, employees, blue collar workers, etc.)

Currently using 42 algorithm-based dashboards, with supervised machine learning, our app operates on a B2C model with an easy-to-follow process that takes into account the income of all winning family members, which improves the possibility of obtaining a mortgage. The company is present in 4 cities, Bombay, Pune, Bangalore and Indore.

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