575,000 tweets, 5.7 million Google searches and more, this is what happens on the Internet every minute

Have you ever wondered what is happening on the internet every minute? Looks like we can help you. Each year, Domo creates an information graph to shed light on how much content and data is generated on the internet and on which platforms.

So let’s start this party – Every minute, Twitter users post around 575,000 tweets on the platform. At a time, TIC Tac users watch 167 million clips.


Are you wondering where Google is at? It turns out that every minute Google performs 5.7 million searches, while 12 million people submit a iMessage on Apple devices.

Every minute, Instagram users share around 65,000 images on the photo-centric platform, while its sister platform Facebook received 240,000 photo shares every minute. Facebook Live isn’t far behind – it gets 44 million views every minute of every day.

Buyers, you all spend about $ 283,000 on Amazon every minute. Talk about a shopping spree on Earth. In general, 6 million people shop online every minute on the Internet.

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If you love streaming content as much as we do, this is the one for you. At Netflix452,000 hours of content are broadcast every minute. For Youtube, the number rises to 694,000 hours.

bullying on facebook

How could we forget Snapchat? According to Domo, Snapchat users send 2 million snapshots every minute. Hush!

At a time, Zoom hosts 856 minutes of webinars every minute while Microsoft teams connects 100,000 users every minute.

Internet continues to grow

The internet has grown tremendously since the 90s. What started as a small experiment is now tasked with connecting entire communities and countries. According to WEF estimates, Internet users in 2021 increased by 11%, up from 4.5 billion in 2020.

This implies that every minute 950 new users connect to the Internet. Currently, the Internet is used by approximately 5 billion users.

Internet connection

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