4LegalLeads.com does Inc. 5,000 in helping law firms grow during the pandemic


Sep 24, 2021 1:00 p.m. ET


4LegalLeads.com is celebrating its second year of being on the Inc. 5000 list for 2021 with a focus on lawyers who use its service to find new clients online.

“After 20 years in online lead generation for the legal industry, 2020 has truly been the most rewarding time I have spent in the business,” said Vince Wingerter, CEO and Founder of 4LegalLeads.com, which is a premium solutions provider for the American Bar Association Law Practice Division.

“During the pandemic, we have seen incredible growth in law firms across the country. It truly is a tribute to their willingness to pivot and adapt to online growth strategies as well as their willingness to overcome the hurdles the industry has faced. said Wingerter.

And of course there were many obstacles. Small and mid-size law firms have been slow to adopt online lead generation strategies over the years, tending to rely on more traditional marketing methods. In 2020, the lack of the ability to consult and connect with potential clients in person has forced lawyers to adopt new strategies.

However, ABA’s TechReport 2020 on websites and Marketing showed that only 33% of firms with 10 to 49 lawyers had internal marketing staff. Most businesses lack marketing resources, and even if they do have them in place, online advertising and lead generation are very complex skills that most businesses don’t have the time or bandwidth to master.

Legal managers solve all of these problems for law firms. They transform the online marketing experience of law firms and facilitate their success. The major providers have the expertise in online advertising to ensure that potential clients in a law firm’s area can find their practice. As that person searches for a lawyer, the provider routes them to the law firm as a “legal channel,” either online or over the phone.

As law firms nationwide outsourced the task of connecting with experts online, they discovered a wide range of benefits. The immediate goal was achieved as they filled their sales pipelines with prospects.

However, law firms also save a tremendous amount of money on overhead costs by using legal providers. They don’t need to build an internal team to manage all of the advertising and systems needed to find leads. They just pay for the leads they receive, which costs a fraction of the budget needed to do the job on their own.

Law firms also avoid wasting money on poorly performing ads. It is far too easy to make costly mistakes in online advertising, and the expertise provided by lead providers is invaluable in this regard.

As law firms see the growth in legal lead generation, they are discovering another major benefit – the ability to scale up their efforts quickly. Major national providers like 4LegalLeads.com have massive infrastructure that allows law firms to grow instantly by simply increasing their budgets.

Most notably, during the pandemic, law firms deployed two very powerful growth strategies using legal avenues.

First, law firms have broadened their areas of practice. Legal lead providers offer leads in several categories of law. This allows lawyers to add new areas of practice to their firm. And since they only pay per lead, they were able to thoroughly test these extensions before stepping up their efforts.

Second, law firms have seized the opportunity to be competitive in new markets. Prior to COVID-19, many lawyers felt regionally limited by the distance a client could travel to meet face-to-face. As video conferencing became the norm, lawyers took the opportunity to seek legal leads from new counties and states.

“Ultimately, it was both a combination of the benefits of legal leads and the creativity lawyers have shown in using them that fueled growth in a year when, externally, the industry legal seemed to be slowing down. ” said Wingerter.

This growth was of course passed on to 4LegalLeads.com and fueled its aforementioned inclusion in the Inc. 5000. 4LegalLeads has recorded a growth rate of 186% over the past three years.

4LegalLeads.com is also at the forefront of the legal lead generation industry with its commitment to providing exclusive, real-time legal policies and attorney-first policies, such as a contract-free experience and reimbursement of pro-rated guaranteed account. They have established a business model where lawyers can try to use legal leads in a safe environment where they are free to leave at any time.

“It has always been important for us to bear the burden of winning people’s time, money and trust. It is our responsibility to prove the quality of our service to the lawyers we serve. said Wingerter.

Lawyers wishing to create an account with 4LegalLeads can do so at 4LegalLeads.com/lawyers or by calling (866) 685-0070.

About 4LegalLeads.com

4LegalLeads.com is one of the industry’s leading, most expert and experienced legal providers. The company has been helping lawyers grow their law firms with quality leads since the early days of online lead generation in 2001. 4LegalLeads provides exclusive real-time calls and web leads for over 40 law categories that are filtered and backed by quality. by the latest technological innovations to connect those seeking legal aid to law firms.

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